Why ServiceNow?

Designed for the Internet and carrying no technical debt, ServiceNow is the only Service Management platform we work with.

The scope and flexibility of the platform allows us to go way beyond traditional toolsets, enabling truly integrated processes across IT and the business.

Coupled with automation, genuinely significant savings of time and cost can be realised in weeks not months and years.

  1. We use our own accelerated delivery approach
  2. Our approach works independently of organisational size and scale
  3. Ownership of the end-to-end delivery
  4. Quick implementation, no endless workshops
  5. Works within our client’s project delivery process
  6. Focus on quality and time to value

Process Accelerators

Based on coding best practice to ensure quick delivery and ease of maintenance and configuration.

Scalability and ease of use

Data Driven

Solutions are configurable, requiring minimal technical experience to manage and maintain.

Integration and Automation

Ensuring tools and processes are an integrated, integral part of the end solution.


Maximising value to the customer by delivering self-serve capability.

sint-wpHow Does It Work?