ServiceNow Accelerated Implementation

You’ve made the smart move and gone with ServiceNow. There’s a deadline looming to be off legacy tooling. You don’t have the time or resources to sit through 6 weeks of workshops, write a 200 page functional spec and get hit with multiple scope change controls.

Service Integrators’ PDQ provides you with:

  • Accelerated process implementation by a highly experienced, client-side team
  • Delivery of enterprise strength processes that you can live with from day 1, not a “QuickStart”
  • Real-world proven, data-driven processes and service model
  • Focus on what makes each client unique, not on endless workshops to define standard ITL processes
  • Best practise – we don’t just configure what we’re told to and will challenge when we need to
  • Continuous delivery, focusing on business value not just technology
  • Delivery at a fixed cost.

Service Management
Process Design

Over the last 10 years ITIL has become a global standard. Most organisations’ IT departments have embraced ITIL to some extent.
IT staff complain about bureaucratic form filling which wastes time, slowing the pace of delivery.

Service Integrators has a set of ready to go, real-world processes that:

  • Minimise workshop time. ITIL is ITIL, we believe in focusing on the 20% that makes a client different, not the 80% that is standard
  • Scale to fit global enterprises and SME sized clients
  • Use data throughout to drive efficiency and automation
  • Work with any client maturity. Coupled with CMS design, we can deliver many of the benefits without requiring a huge business change exercise
  • Have been designed with ServiceNow in mind. Paper-based processes that are authored without tooling consideration always end up with major disconnects causing customisation.

Management System


CMS design is at the heart of every ITIL process. The focus is predominantly placed on Discovery and the technical Configuration Items (Cis). Do you have 10,000+ distinct CI records but little CMS information to support Change & Incident Impact assessments?

Service Integrators has a scalable, industry agnostic logical CMS model that:

  • Ensures technical data is aligned to services that are used by the business and IT
  • Moves the focus of processes away from which item of technical infrastructure has a fault and onto what is being impacted for the business
  • Allows for truly focused Change conflict checking and targeted approvals
  • Supports fast impact assessment within Incidents
  • Is central to a proper subscription based, Service Catalogue
  • Helps to deliver a client-specific Target Operating Model without reinventing the wheel each time.


ServiceNow Accelerated Implementation

Many companies will sell you a bunch of support hours to help you manage your platform, at Service Integrators we believe in relationships with our clients allowing us to help them plug the gaps they may have in their IT delivery support model.

For that reason, we offer the skills of our PDG:

  • Ensuring an appropriate support network after your “go-live” implementation and beyond
  • Allowing you to reap the benefits from your ServiceNow platform at a faction of the costs of an in-house team
  • Providing you with a dedicated aligned account manager, working with you throughout
  • Matching your needs and expectations with our bespoke tailored service
  • Delivering real value to your platform through product development when you need it, via minor enhancements
  • Ensuring access to the latest ServiceNow skill sets without the hassle of maintaining in-house skills
  • Providing innovation and integration knowledge from leading ServiceNow professionals.

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