We are a people-focused, outcome driven enterprise service management consultancy. With a unique combination of 10 years as ServiceNow partners and many more on the client side as customers of the platform, the Unifii team understand the challenges that organisations face.
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Benefits Realised with ServiceNow ITOM

Work more intelligently, gain clarity of your infrastructure and applications to deliver world class service health and optimisation

How using a single platform – single data set to increase visibility, insight and control will drive strategic decisions across your business.

Problems Solved

Escalating IT Costs – Solved

IT operations are becoming more expensive – but why? Unless you can see resource usage and licensing, you can’t answer that question. And you can’t bring your costs under control.

ITOM gives you a clear line-of-sight of your costs and the proof you need to hold stakeholders and suppliers to account:

  • See software license use and over-spend
  • Identify under-performing processes – and candidates for automation
  • Highlight cloud sprawl and opportunities for consolidation
  • Rationalise and reduce your operations management toolkit

Risk Management and Compliance – Solved

Protecting your data assets against loss, theft or exposure is an operational priority. But if you don’t know what your assets are or where they are stored, how can you defend them?

ServiceNow ITOM helps you quickly identify compliance risks – and opportunities to address them:

  • Test compliance across your entire IT estate
  • Assess compliance at every stage of the IT lifecycle including end of life, end of sale and general vulnerabilities
  • Generate documentary evidence of compliance for regulators and auditors

Service Excellence – Solved

Downtime directly affects revenue, and prevention is better than cure. But you need the ability to see the interaction between services and supporting IT to spot potential outages early.

ITOM helps you meet demand for “always on” IT services:

  • Drill-down into every business service and the IT that supports it
  • Deep insights into operations allow you to identify and resolve potential issues earlier
  • Better understand – and improve – your business services in relation to IT services

Digital Transformation – Solved

As your IT strategy moves forward, more of your infrastructure is being sent to the cloud. Digital transformation and DevOps both demand greater insights into infrastructure and apps.

Make the transition to data-driven operations smoother:

  • Understand current infrastructure and what needs to be in place to support cloud migration
  • Access the information you need to improve your sourcing strategy
  • Use data to embed new, distributed operations
  • Feed valuable insights back to your DevOps team

Our Approach

All of these problems affect you now. But your approach to solving them will have long term benefits – if you do it right.

Implementing a formalised ITOM function takes time and effort. But it will solve the problems you face today and prepare you to overcome the challenges of the future.

Deployed by Unifii, ServiceNow delivers all your ITOM information in a single control panel. Automated discovery and service mapping solves the problem of discovering applications, services and infrastructure. And the dashboard view allows you to see the various interactions, relationships and dependencies that your business relies on.

Our Features

Investing in ITOM platform now solves some of your immediate problems and delivers long term benefits by simplifying:

Automated end-to-end discovery of applications, services and infrastructure confirms the assets you have and where they are located.

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