ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) – Part One

The IT department is constantly evolving, having to adapt to transformation on an almost daily basis, especially in times of uncertainty. More than ever, employees need access to a plethora of services and applications, all of which have to be managed and maintained, whilst also remaining cost-effective.

This is where ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) suite can provide significant value to an organisations’ ever changing IT landscape. ITOM is a collection of related applications within the ServiceNow platform, enabling the consolidation and simplification of internal processes, transforming old, manual ways of working into smart, automated workflows.

Source: ServiceNow
  • Discovery is an agentless system that finds applications and devices (configuration items) on your network. This includes the attributes of those devices, and stores them within the ServiceNow CMDB.
  • Service Mapping uses the information discovered through the Discovery process, extending it to map the CIs to defined business services and their corresponding component parts.
  • Event Management & Operational Intelligence are used to monitor and manage your IT systems. Using event management and operational intelligence enables you to anticipate and prevent system outages and resolve issues more efficiently, reducing impact to the business.
  • Cloud Management enables self-service access and management of cloud resources (such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) through a single interface. Using cloud management ensures adherence to internal governance and business policies, and enables clear visibility on actual cost and how you can optimise spend.
  • Orchestration is the capability of automating simple and complex tasks on services, servers, applications and hardware, all from within the ServiceNow platform.

Over the next few weeks, we will take a closer look at each part of the ServiceNow ITOM suite, identifying their strengths and benefits, and how they can help you transform the way you manage your IT systems and processes.

At Unifii we are committed to offering professional and personal services for all things ITOM. So if you want to find out more, keep a look out for our weekly blog via the website. To book a demo of ServiceNow’s incredible IT Operations Management suite give us a call here or drop us an email on; we’d love to get you started today.

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