Why customer engagement is important

We often hear that customer engagement is important but why should we be listening instead of scrolling up on our newsfeeds?

According to global leaders in research and analytics, Gallup, emotions affect our overall decision-making even more so than rational thinking and objective data.

In fact, they found, that ‘emotional factors comprise up to 70% of economic decision-making’ and ‘companies that apply the principles of behavioural economics effectively, can outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin’.

You may think that emotive led strategies are hogwash, but you will be doing more harm than good to your customers if you completely ignore it.  The simple fact is that customers want to engage. They want meaningful relationships with companies. They want to feel like their needs are being met, desires proactively responded too, and they want those instant connections.

Gone are the cold-calling days, hard-push marketing and sale-driven approaches.  Customer engagement is at it’s highest and we should be embracing the change with a tea and a biscuit, not with a headset.

Thanks to ServiceNow and their customer-focused platforms, companies can now proactively engage, tighten the user experience and respond to queries automatically. Using intelligent technologies to offer customers AI-driven capabilities, ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM), automates solutions, imitates human sounds, responds to queries via chatbots and routes enquiries based on subject matter.

According to Gallup, the three the fundamental stages of an emotive-led strategy includes ‘talking to customers, using analytics to understand behaviour and to build a customer-centric workplace’. Whether it is ITSM or CSM focused, ServiceNow has the digital capabilities to meet every touch point of the strategy. From streamlining work processes, to analysing the behaviour of all audiences (internal and external), offering self-service options to proactively addressing pain points before they become an issue, ServiceNow can do it all.

By meeting every touch point with a proactive service, ServiceNow’s ability to tune into the emotive side of a customer, delivers an unprecedented connection between companies and audiences like never before.

Migrating from sales-focused platforms, ServiceNow’s ITSM & CSM enables the emotive strategy to be seamlessly executed through software that can pre-empt, respond, react and proactively deliver in tune with audience behaviour.

Customer engagement is not just important, it is fundamental in the longevity of businesses across the globe.  Now is the time to get in tune with your emotions and lead the way for better engagement.

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