Unifii held the first virtual FoCus session last month, discussing the ever-growing challenges being faced by
financial institutions at this time.

From high expectations of users, to ensuring employees have the right resources to continue their work, as well as keeping sensitive data safeguarded from any external threats, it has been a difficult time for this industry. For the first session we were joined by guests and industry experts including Keith Pearson, and our panel discussed how to achieve business success in financial services and how you can navigate your projects successfully during this difficult time. We also gained an exclusive look into Keith’s Financial Services Operations roadmap, sign up for updates to gain access to this.

An Introduction to ServiceNow’s FSO: Connecting your financial organisation through one platform
We take a look into ServiceNow’s brand new offering: Financial Services Operations, a way to provide efficient and enhanced experiences to both customers and employees – all in a single platform to unite your front, middle and back offices.
Financial Services Q&A with expert panel
Join Keith Pearson and Unifii’s FS experts Myles Molloy, Steve Mamelok and Michelle Meehan as they answer your burning questions regarding the financial landscape. We will cover topics including upcoming technology trends in finance, using ServiceNow to shape risk strategies and how to brace your organisation for future challenges.

Join the session to find out more about the successes at Lloyds Banking Group and how you can navigate your projects with more success.

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    *Please note this session recording is for end users of the platform

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