Employee Spotlight – Shlomo Da Costa

Hi, I’m Shlomo! I have been working at Unifii for over three years now, starting as an intern initially, and I have completed numerous implementations on the ServiceNow platform to date. 

My background is very much technical and analytical. Mathematics was a strong point for me in school, and I believe that this has helped me apply logical thinking in the context of my work.

How did you become interested in Computer Science and how did you stumble upon Unifii?

I never wanted to do a mathematics degree, so I combined my logical thinking with technology and arrived at computer science. Stumbling is exactly how I found Unifii, and I am so happy things turned out this way! I was in need of an internship for my sandwich year at university and had no idea what I wanted to pursue at that point, I was running out of time! Luckily, my university career advisor came to the rescue and put me in touch with a small company called Service Integrators (now Unifii), who were seeking interns. I then applied with haste, had an interview with Steve and David, and received a job offer shortly after. I have been with them ever since and have not looked back. They are a great company to work with and the people working there are even better!

What you enjoy the most about working at Unifii?

The people and the informal culture here are what I enjoy most. Bigger companies may put too much restriction on various aspects of working life but Unifii are very much on the other side of that and care about their people. Of course, that is not to say that you can take it easy – when the work ramps up and it gets challenging you must be ready to step up and get the work done.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on in your time here? 

I worked on a solo integration between ServiceNow and Salesforce. Without a doubt it was a fun, yet challenging project to work on. I very much enjoy the coding aspect of ServiceNow (even though best practice dictates to use data driven approaches as much as possible) and it was a project that challenged me to think outside the box and think on my own two feet. It has given me much valuable experience which has come in very useful in all the projects that have come after.

Did your working life change much as a result of COVID-19?

No, it did not. Maybe in terms of the social aspect (coming into the office every day), but ironically, I have never worked more efficiently than now! On the other hand, it has led me to overworking on occasions and that is something I think we all just need to be mindful of at the moment.

How do you see yourself growing in the next few years?

My growth so far within Unifii and seeing how more experienced colleagues are progressing shows what I have ahead of me. Ever since I have been thrown into the working world, and the ServiceNow space, I have felt like I have been navigating a maze. Up until recently I have been opening new paths by learning various specialisms and finding solutions to new problems, which has been great as now I have a bird’s eye view of the full picture! In the next few years, I hope to use that knowledge and experience to lead a few projects technically and make them as successful as possible. Whilst I am at it, I hope to pass on my own knowledge and experience of that maze to anyone looking to start their own journey. 

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