A new normal built on connection

How IT Operations Management can help businesses adapt to the new way of working

2020 is a year we’ll never forget, one that may change the way we work for decades to come. The years events have forced our hand, changing the way we work and communicate, how we conduct business, our economy and most shockingly – reducing the availability of toilet roll. Whilst current times are undoubtedly challenging for businesses, the bigger unknown is predicting what the landscape on the other side of COVID-19 looks like.

We believe one overarching theme has been highlighted and will prevail from these uncertain times, and that is the power of connection; be it connecting to ourselves, our technology and even each other. 

The events this year have highlighted just how quickly we can shift our work culture and as a result of this, the way we work and access our tools in the future is going to change, and evolve. Only recently, Twitter announced that it’s employees could work from home indefinitely, an era defining moment for a global workforce. Other digitally-minded businesses are following suit including Slack and Facebook, whilst others will return to the traditional office, but undoubtedly many will aim for something in between.

No matter how the balance falls, employees will be given more choice relating to how and where they work, creating a challenge for business IT operations. This mix of onsite and remote working can go one of two ways; creating disconnected, siloed workforces held captive by out of date tools and infrastructures; or unified teams taking advantage of digital transformation.

Like the new workforce, technology won’t be limited to a physical location, and it will need to be agile enough to cope with a future we can only predict at the moment. There are some tools including ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) suite of applications, which are designed for connection and will help businesses build the scalable bridges they need to operate in the future.

Giving clear visibility into your business services, infrastructure and the dependencies and relationships between them, ITOM helps to drive operational excellence, increased service uptime, and optimised cost and service delivery. This in turn enables the consolidation and simplification of internal processes and transforms old, manual ways of working into smart, automated workflows.

The way we live and work will continue to change and this can enable us to work in a way which supports us through the use of new, innovative technologies aimed at making our working days better. The technology exists now to support this shift and will evolve with the enterprise landscape. Businesses have the opportunity to reduce operational costs, streamline workflows and deliver modern services, all while offering employees a better work/life balance. We thought we valued connection before this pandemic, but the recent disconnect from family, friends and colleagues has reminded us just how important getting it right is.

Unifii are here to help you build bridges and connect your business with ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management solution, read about the benefits here. We invite you to schedule a free session with an expert to see how the platform can elevate your enterprise.

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