ITSM: flexible, scalable & intelligent computing

Drowning in IT uncertainty, data complexities and unpredictable demands?

Unifii, an enterprise level service management and automation company, offers operational excellence by delivering rapid development and cost-effective solutions through intelligent computing.

Certified ServiceNow Partners

The scope and flexibility of the ServiceNow platform enables integrated processes across IT and the business. Coupled with automation, significant savings of time and cost can be realised in a matter of weeks!

Deploying their ITSM customer-centric solutions, certified ServiceNow services partners, Unifii integrates third-party tools and processes, helping IT & service teams design, deliver, manage and improve services and data management across the entire business

Service Now Accelerated Implementation

Service Manangement Process Design

CMDB/CMS Optimisation

Customer-centric data without the jargon!

Unifii believe in simple not complex, data not code, customers not the jargon! Combining the best customer service experience together with a technology-focused service, their team of high-end specialists enable businesses to respond to market opportunities, quickly & effectively!

Easy to integrate & configure (with minimal disruption to your teams) Unifii specialise in:

  • Simplifying ITSM service delivery
  • Integrating disparate systems
  • Automating processes

Differing from more tech-centric approaches Unifii’s ITSM solutions offer bespoke services which are customer and solution focused, giving you:

  • Truly consultative approaches
  • Solutions built for the need
  • Tech-based & customer-centric focus
  • Competitive, agile and responsive systems

ITSM experts steamrolling towards your bottom line!

Unifii is a consultancy dedicated to aligning your technology with business goals. We focus on innovating the best solutions, implementing them successfully and integrating systems to work hard for your bottom line.

  • We use our own accelerated delivery approach
  • Our approach works independently of organisational size and scale
  • Ownership of the end-to-end delivery
  • Quick implementation, no endless workshops
  • Works within our client’s project delivery process
  • Continuous focus on quality and time to value

Need a ServiceNow health check?

Poor performance; stagnated service management software or looking to upgrade?

Offering a comprehensive & in-depth review of your ServiceNow implementation, the Unifii ServiceNow Health Check gives you everything you need without any impact to your current platform.

Assessing both code and non-code areas critical for implementation maturity and reviewing implementation against best practice, our Health Check provides bespoke packages to suit all requirements.

Giving you:

  • An assessment of configurations and customisations against best-practise standards.
  • A detailed report of findings with specific consideration given to scalability, manageability, performance and upgradeability.
  • Recommendations to bring your instance back in line with best-practise and ensure performance impacting issues can be swiftly resolved.
  • If your needs are more specific, please get in touch. We are able to tailor our packages to your needs.

IT complexities resolved by ITSM

Drowning in IT complexities, swamped in ‘ideal’ data solutions and struggling

Votes are in; ITSM paves the way for better computing

Constantly feeling like you’re going against the tide in trying to convince

Comprehensive ServiceNow health checks

Errors in the IT infrastructure; slow service restoration and service

Scale up your CMS without computer throwing!

Are your CMS platforms heading towards computer throwing competitions?

ITSM; a strategic asset for companies worldwide

Exponential data volumes and overburdened IT systems, ITSM has radically

The future of computing

If you would like to know how to take that next step, sign up for a call back today and we can show you how your company can benefit from tomorrow’s ITSM solutions