Our Expertise

  • Unifii is a team of experienced project and programme managers, with multiple years of successful project leadership.
  • We use an agile and adaptable accelerated project delivery approach to ensure quick turnaround and the fastest possible time to value for our clients.
  • We have been on the client side, and we understand the demands of the organisation and recognise that business change and transformation is a core to any ServiceNow implementation.
  • This has enabled us to successfully deliver projects with differing size and complexity, from individual enterprise ServiceNow implementations to large scale global programmes.
  • ‘Out of the box’ solutions and QuickStart implementations often fall short of customers’ expectations. Our accelerated delivery approach ensures we deliver full, enterprise scale ServiceNow implementations.
  • We work closely with business and technology stakeholders to ensure your requirements are met and innovative solutions are implemented where ‘out of the box’ isn’t possible.
  • We can deliver your ServiceNow implementation from start to finish, or we can rescue a project that has run off track.
  • With years of experience in Service Management, we know what key processes should be part of any type of implementation. Using our knowledge, we help educate our clients and drive business processes in the right direction, ensuring best practice is always met as well as key client requirements.
  • The users drive the process not the tool, we map this into ServiceNow to ensure all process requirements are met.
  • We work together with the clients to draw out what makes them different. We then map these onto our base processes to ensure the tool serves the needs of the client.
  • We aim to create innovative processes within ServiceNow beyond service integration and management. From building corporate planning to facilities management tools, we work collaboratively with our clients to understand and draw out their key processes. This enables us to implement innovative applications within ServiceNow.
  • Ensuring ‘data’ is always at the heart of what we do is key to delivering high quality implementations and integrations. We strive to understand all dimensions of our clients data in order to deliver exactly what they need.
  • A tool is only as good as the data in it. Data quality is essential for any implementation or integration. This ensures data is always consistent, accurate and complete throughout the entirety of an implementation allowing our clients to manage the tool with ease after any handover.
  • Data consistency and quality allows for more effective and easier integrations.
  • Integration and automation is fast becoming a fundamental part of any ServiceNow deployment. Organisations have core systems they need to leverage for processes and data to be effective.
  • ServiceNow provides the capability to integrate with systems, Unifii provides an engine that leverages the core capabilities of the ServiceNow platform and takes the pain away from building integrations.

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